TPO Beats EPDM Hands Down

TPO Beats EPDM—Hands Down. Here’s The Proof...

Proof ONE:
Excellent seam strength. EverGuard® TPO’s seams are 4 times stronger than taped EPDM, which is critical for a long-lasting watertight roofing system.

Proof TWO:
What could be easier than 1-2-3! EverGuard® TPO installs in just 3 easy steps. EPDM takes 12 steps to install—which means more likelihood for error. Not only that, making repairs to an EverGuard® TPO roof is just as simple: just cut a patch and weld in place.

Proof THREE:
Savvy property owners and designers know that choosing the right system is key to minimizing installed cost. EverGuard® membranes come in three styles (including smooth, fleece-back, and self adhered), with multiple installation options (including mechanically attached, RhinoBond®, fully adhered, and self-adhering). With the most prefabricated accessories available in the industry, EverGuard® TPO gives you maximum design flexibility and allows you to apply the lowest-cost solution to your specific roofing need. The result? EverGuard® TPO systems are less expensive than EPDM on an installed cost basis!

Proof FOUR:
TPO is the clear winner when it comes to energy efficiency!

• TPO’s highly reflective material helps to reduce overall demand charge on commercial buildings, which accounts for 30–70% of a total electricity bill.
• A highly reflective white EverGuard® roof can be as low as 110°F (43.3°C).
• low as 110°F (43.3°C).
• EverGuard® roofs transmit much less solar radiation (versus black EPDM) into your facility, thereby resulting in energy savings.
• Hours of daylight
• Snow cover
• The low angle of the sun

Commercial Roofing PTO Easier to Install the EPDM
Commercial Roofing PTO Easier to Install the EPDM

Elite Commercial Roofing Commercial Flat Roof
Elite Commercial Roofing Commercial Flat Roof